What If Your App Could Be Shockingly Successful, Without Hiring An iOS Developer?

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Get A World Class iOS developer On Speed Dial

Let's face it, hiring a good iOS developer for an in-house job is hard. Really hard. 

That's why you paid an agency to build your app in the first place. And although they did a good job, they're now onto their next project..

Meanwhile, your app needs tweaks and fixes and having your other developers work on it would mean taking up valuable in-house engineering time.

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Hence you want to hire someone to take care of the investment you've already made.

But then again, is it really a full time position? Even if it was, salaries for good iOS developers are high. Really high.

Wouldn't it be great to not have to hire anyone, and have your app improve every month, almost as if by magic?

What if, crashes magically disappeared – without a bad review in sight?

What if every month the app got better, in ways big and small, without spending any more time dealing with your agency or spending any more of your own engineers time?

What if your app became as successful as you'd originally hoped – driving revenue, increasing adoption and generally making your customers and partners happier?

Introducing AppAftercare

AppAftercare is a high touch, concierge maintenance and optimization service for businesses with an iOS app already in the AppStore.

Once you're signed up:

– Crashes Disappear (even before there's a bad review).

– Tweaks And Minor Features Are Free.

– Server (or API) Issues Are Detected Immediately

– Your Ratings Improve

– Your Customers Will Be Happier (and convert better)

– Your Engineers Are Free To Focus On Core Business

All this is achived by installing and monitoring the kind of third party services your agency probably left out – crash detection, AB testing toolkits, server API monitoring, etc – and then having a world class iOS expert act on that information.


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Who Are You?

My name is Einar Vollset, I am a former Cornell Professor living in Silicon Valley (well, Santa Cruz). 
I've been making iOS apps for a long time - both as a YCombinator backed startup entrepreneur (I co-founded ReMail, a company acquired by Google), and while running my own boutique mobile consultancy. 

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How Much Will This cost?

What Is Included In AppAftercare?

Every app is different, so exactly what the most valuable thing I can do for your app will determine the kinds of services I include as part of AppAftercare.

However, typical services I add to your app and mange for you include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just install the services you recommend and then have my own developers handle any issues? Of course! And I recommend you read my free ebook to figure out how to best do it. If you have time and resources to learn how to, and then actively maintain and optimize your app yourself then this service is definitely not for you :)

We just need help while bringing our App in-house/training internal staff, can we still use your service? Yes. I've helped multiple companies bring an app developed by an external developer in-house and love working with internal staff. Some companies stay customers deriving value as the app grows, and some don't – either way is fine by me.

Couldn't I just hire you for a month to fix the crashes and then ask for a refund? Sure. I mean, it wouldn't be very nice, but your call.

Will you take equity in our startup for a discount? Usually not, but it has happened, get in touch and we'll see. I usually ask for restricted stock, and to get compensated for any tax liability on issue.

What does "retail" mean in your list of services you include? I can get it for cheaper. Good for you! Basically, these are estimates as to what it would cost you to use the services I include. I get these cheaper (through bulk buy and partnerships), and hence I can offer to include the high end of these services.

Our App is not yet in the AppStore. How can I reserve a spot for when it is? You can't. However, you can sign up now, and I will provide architectural and strategic advice during the app construction, and then transition to maintenance/optimization mode after release.

This seems expensive, my developers were just $10/$15/$20 hour! In which case, yes this is probably not for you.

I need someone to develop my app, can you help? Probably, check out: lcrnd.com/apptailor or email me

If I cancel, are the accounts and data you've collected transferrable to me? Of course. If you decide to move on, I will arrange to have all the accounts I setup transferred to you. This will obviously involve you taking on the billing for the various accounts. If you choose to not continue with the accounts I will, to the best of my ability (and if the services support it), export your data and provide it to you.

Will you sign my NDA? Probably, if it's fairly standard. Schedule a consult or we can discuss over email.

Do you have a discount for Non-Profits? Yes.

Can you invoice me instead of having a credit card on file? Yes, but only if you choose the annual billing option (which has no refund).

Will you sign our contract/work-for-hire/IP assignment/etc  documents? No. The AppAftercare service is bound by the following terms & conditions, which I believe should cover your concerns in terms of who owns what, liability, etc. (If not, please feel free to contact me about the issue you're worried about).

What did you teach at Cornell? Computer Science.

When you say "tweaks and minor features are free", what do you mean by minor feature? Pretty much anything that can be done within the time limits of your plan (1 day on Professional, 3 days on Enterprise), and I'm fast so usually a fairly big chunk gets done. 

Will you fix any crash that occurs? Yes. Or I will at least try!

I have another question? Feel free to email me: einar@appaftercare.com



Every plan also includes at least 1 day/month of expert iOS development time and advice ($1000+ value). An SLA and guaranteed on-demand developer availability is available with the Enterprise plan.

As your app progresses, the kind of services I might install and focus on will obviously change, but that's a good thing! As your app stabilizes and becomes more successful, it makes sense to focus on more advanced optimization techniques.

• Crittercism Enterprise ($500/month retail): If your app is not performing well - customers are complaining about crashes or slow performance, then this is a great tool to help us diagnose. I will install and manage this for you, responding to any crashes and issues as they arise.

• AppSee Premium ($350+/month retail): Once your app is stable, and you've started to measure things like conversions and funnel performance, this is a pretty awesome tool that gives user-videos and heatmaps to show exactly what and where your users are doing in your app. Highly informative (seeing is believing as they say).

• Apptentive Learn ($45/month retail): This is a great tool to increase your rating and reviews in the AppStore. They provide an "intelligent" app rating prompt that in the past has boosted clients' average ratings from 2.5 to 4.5 stars.

• Apptimize Premium ($300/month retail):  If your app is seing a reasonable amount of traffic, this is my go to tool to perform further conversion optimization by quickly designing and deploying A/B tests without requiring AppStore re-submission.

• TapStream Advanced ($425/month retail): This is a fantastic tool that allows you to attribute specific installs to the advert that caused them to install it. I also use it to do personalized/custom onboarding.

I'm offering 2 plans: Enterprise and Professional:

The Enterprise plan (from $2995/month) includes all the tools and services listed above, up to 3 days/month of development time + guaranteed availability for more days at $1000/day and an SLA for response time. This is a great option for  businesses where your app is mission critical. 

The Professional plan ($995/month) includes all the tools and services listed above + up to 1 day/month of development time and advice. It's great for funded startups or SMBs where your iOS app is an important value add to your business.

Both these plans are available as an annual option, with a 17% discount.


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I want to give my AppAftercare clients fantastic service, so I can only take so many clients. Right now I can take 8 7 more Professional clients, however a single Enterprise client can easily book me up entirely, so if you're at all interested, you should book a consult below.

All plans have a 30 day money back guarantee.


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