Are You Realizing That Getting An App In The AppStore Is Only The Beginning?

Your app represents a significant investment. Sure, it may not be your core offering, but it was intended to complement your main business and certainly provide a positive return on investment.

But, as you've discovered, getting it in the App Store is only the start.

Unfortunately, no v1 app is perfect. The bugs only show up after enough users put it through its paces. That's when you start to get the reports: 

You need someone who can provide preemptive, rapid, continual and measurable improvements in your app.

Without nagging the original developers. Without creating further damage to your brand. Without derailing your in-house engineers. Without having to hire a mobile developer.

You need someone who can:

Take The Burden Of Your App Completely Off Your Plate

Handle Tweaks And Fixes Immediately 

Proactively Address Issues Before They Become Problems

Make Those "Problem Report" Emails Vanish

Start Your App On Its Way To Success

Month by month your App is revived until it's everything you'd originally hoped it would be. Instead of a "problem child," you have:

           Fast, Bug-free Operation As Intended

           No More Crashes

           Much Better Reviews

           Higher Ratings

           More Downloads

Instead of that lingering feeling of disappointment or frustration, you feel renewed hope.

AppAftercare Maintenance is a high-touch, concierge maintenance service for businesses with an app already in the AppStore.

As an AppAftercare customer, you will find that we assume total responsibility for your app's health and welfare. You won't have to hold our hand, but if you need to get a hold of us, we'll be there.

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How It Works:

AppAftercare Maintenance achieves remarkable results in three steps:

Your Core Business Is Not App Development!

Take The Burden Completely Off Your Plate

There's a reason you had your app developed elsewhere, right?

You probably don't have mobile developers on staff. (Even if you do, they're busy with core business!)

And like so many other businesses,  you've probably realized that it was much easier to get a call with your agency or developers before the final check was signed.


Install Cutting Edge, Best-of-Breed Monitoring SDKs & Services.

Have World Class App Experts
Monitor And Act on That Data.

Perform Unlimited Tweaks, Fixes
And Small Jobs Quickly On Demand.


Reserve Your FREE, No Obligation Consultation Today!

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Ready To Turn Your App From An Liability Into An Asset?

None of this is unusual. You just need to be prepared for it and have a plan for when the inevitable (and unpredictable) happens. Hoping everything works as advertised is not a great plan.

But we get it:

«It's Crashing!»

«I Can't Even Log In!»

«It's Too Slow!»

«FAIL! It Can't Even Do X!»

«Doesn't Work On My Y»

With the app ratings in free fall and and customer support emails piling up on your desk, the app has become a headache. Your headache. So what do you do?

Pull your own engineers of their current projects?  Not unless you have spare engineers lying around and no product roadmap or targets to hit this year.

Find another freelancer to help? Unlikely. Good freelancers are both expensive and booked at least 2-3 months out. And they don't like small jobs (more money in a large project).

Hire an in-house iOS/Android developer to manage it? Even if you could hire a good developer, is there even enough work to justify the cost of finding and hiring a full time developer? 

None of these sound like great solutions. 

Biz Stone, Co-Founder, Twitter

AppAftercare Maintenance: The Easiest Way To Rapid, Measurable App Improvement

«Einar is one of the very best in the business.»

Niket Desai, Google

«Working with Einar is not only productive, it's a joy.»

«Einar Gets Shit Done Right. The First Time.»

Hiten Shah, Co-Founder, KISSmetrics

«I would highly recommend AppAftercare to any business with an app. Being a customer has meant that any issues have been resolved quickly and with ease.»

Derik Mills, CEO/Founder, YogaGlo

Easily Turn Your App From A Liability Into An Asset


AppAftercare is a high touch, done-for-you maintenance service for businesses with an app already in the AppStore.


If your business has made a significant investment in getting an app launched, yet lack in-house expertize to maintain it, we can help.


AppAftercare was founded by Dr. Einar Vollset, a former Cornell University Professor, currently based in Silicon Valley.

Einar's been developing iOS apps since the very beginning, both as a YCombinator-backed startup entrepreneur (he co-founded ReMail, a company that was acquired by Google) and while running his own boutique mobile consultancy.

"I saw that a lot of businesses had apps built by outside developers or agencies, yet didn't have the in-house talent to make the most of them. AppAftercare was started to give businesses a trusted partner to help them make the most of their app investment on an ongoing basis."

He also acts as an advisor to various startups, provides strategic advice to several Fortune 500 companies and does technical due diligence work. Email him at: 

Einar Vollset, PhD


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