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You'll get 7 lessons ripped from the App Owner's Manual packed full of tips and tricks that you need to know if you have an app in the AppStore. 

"Few people understand the mobile landscape as Einar. One of the very best mobile strategist around"

Amir Nathoo

Are You Making Sure Your App Has Every Chance To Succeed?

Getting Your App In The AppStore Is A Great First Step, but..


Did you know that there are technologies that will quash crashes, boost rankings and immediately reveal how to improve your app?

Your Developers Will Probably Not Tell You About These Technologies

Most developers don't want you to know that there are tools you can add to your app to detect every crash one of your users is experiencing. Why not? Well, because then they'd be asked to fix it!

Similarly, once an app has been delivered, it's not very high on most developers agenda to help you ensure that your app gets the highest possible ranking in the AppStore. Or that you learn how to idenfity a really akward sign up sequence that's hemorrhaging new users. 

BUT – for you, things like that are of the utmost importance, right? You want to see your app succeed.

Learn What Technologies The Top Performing Apps Are Using

Any app can get a huge competitive advantage simply by installing and managing the right set of technologies. Certainly the top performers on the AppStore understand that, and I guarantee you that most of the top 50 apps in every category are using these best of breed technologies or rolling their own inhouse versions (expensive!)

Simply by choosing and adding the right technologies you're getting a huge leg up on your competition, and luckily for you, you can rely on my expertise to pick which ones. Most of these are free for apps with a small number of downloads, but even those that cost a little money are likely to provide a huge ROI to you (and if they don't - simply remove them!)

I've been building iOS apps and advising on mobile strategy for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley startups for years.

In my experience, one of the most overlooked part of making an app successful are the steps you need take and the technologies you need to install after the app is built and ready for the AppStore. 

Back when I started developing apps none of these technologies existed, but now they are an essential part of any successful app.

Einar Vollset, PhD

"Working with Einar is not only productive, it's a joy"

Biz Stone
Co-Founder, Twitter

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